Broker Information

User Rating
Leverage 400:1
Instruments 200
Account Types Demo Account, Low Value or Micro Account, Standard Accounts, High Net Worth or VIP Accounts,
Account Currency
Commissions Variable Spreads
Founded 2010
Customer Support Multi Language Phone Support, Multi Language Live Chat, Multi Language Email Support,
Min Funding $250
Funding Methods


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    24Option is a digital brokerage & financial exchange that maintains a multitude of financial services, comprising of Indices and Stocks. Signing on with this exchange enables Pairings, Contracts-for-Differences, Commodities, and Spreads to be accessible. This has been possible since 24Option’s first launched in 2008, with development engineers working on updates that upgrade their financial services tenfold. Brand accessibility reaches beyond desktops, with mobile investing supported on iOS and Android. Combining these attributes into a single exchange has allowed for 24Options prolonged lifespan. Registrants will find varied investment opportunities with this digital exchange.

    Richfield Capital Limited govern over the financial services with 24Options. Their headquarters is located in Belize, with additional offices located in Cyprus. This Island-based digital exchange requires newcomers to meet deposit requirements, which are listed at $100.00 for this brand. The return on this investment includes accessibility to multiple financial products, which maintain maximum leverages of 1:20. Educated investors will find that Pip Ratings vary depending on the Spread and Currency Pairing Selected, with their valuations ranging between 0.2 Pip to 0.9 Pip.

    The Pairings, Indices, CFDs, Spreads, Stocks, and Commodities account for 130+ assets. There are 34 Currency Pairings enables, which extends towards 61 different companies listed on the 24Options Stock Exchange. Market Indices don’t exceed past 25 but are regularly updated, with the available commodities being eleven. It should be noted that newcomers cannot obtain a welcome bonus with 24Options, which is based on updated CySEC regulation.

    Licensing and Regulation

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    Locating the historical records for the regulation obeyance of 24Options isn’t challenging. They’ve made it public knowledge, showcasing that they’re a responsible corporation that works with Central Banks & Regulators to ensure investors are always protected. The Cyprus Securities & Investments Commission licensed 24Options with a regulatory license, which was issued under the LNO of R207/13. It should be noted that this exchange also has regulatory approval with the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. Richfield Capital Limited cannot disobey the regulation standards implemented by CySEC and the IFSC. Disobedience will prompt significant fines & termination of the license.

    European Central Banks back 24Options, meaning that financial fallout is protected via specialized insurance. Details regarding their insurance policy are limited, prompting some to question if these banking institutions aren’t providing extensive coverage to 24Option clientele. Deposited Funds & Contracts are most likely protected to the max valuation of €15,000.00. For the standard trader, this isn’t concerning but can be disheartening for professional investors trading €100+ thousand per month.

    Mobile Trading

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    Investing in the digital era has drastically changed markets worldwide. Desktops & Laptops aren’t required to access these exchanges, with advancements in technology now allowing mobile handset support. Devices operational with iOS or Android have accessibility to the 24Options Mobile Exchange. This support extends towards Windows Phones as well, which aren’t supported with updates from Microsoft. It’s recommended that consumers exclusively use iOS or Android with Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers. Most investors moving towards mobile trading for the 1st time are concerned that not all available features are ported over. Investors will be thrilled to learn that the Mobile & Desktop version of 24Options are identically built, meaning experiences don’t differ under any circumstances.

    Brand & Functionality

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    Questioning the honourability of 24Options is foolish. Their long-lasting status in the digital exchange marketspace indicates that they’ve had consistent client bases. Their integrity remained after multiple attacks onto the digital financial market, with their brand inevitably re-growing and becoming more popular than before. Obtaining this level of regrowth after an industry-wide disaster again shows their enhanced capabilities at providing clientele profits. Selecting 24Options almost guarantees investment survival during concerning periods.

    The satisfaction of clientele is most famous for 24Options, which is evident when reviewing their functionality. Traders obtain financial services that are available 24/7 under any circumstances. Richfield Capital Limited employing the MetaTrader4 Application guarantees enhanced services that are tailored towards that respective client. This is possible via advanced artificial intelligence, created a level of convenience with trading that most investors aren’t accustomed to with proprietary platforms.

    Registration Process

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    Signing with 24Options is simplified, taking minutes to complete before inquiring with their exchange. Select the “Sign Up” option to begin this process, where a variety of information will be requested from newcomers. This includes their Country of Residence, Legal Age, Legal Name, Cellular Number, and Race. Finishing these details will prompt the password creation page for newcomers. Provide the same password twice to enter the second stage of the required information, which is slightly more invasive. Investors are required to provide their Employment Status to 24Options, with this extending towards their Annual Income as well. Before the registration process is completed, and accounts are enables, all data provided is verified. Additional information could be requested if 24Options found any concerns.

    Depositing Process

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    After 24Options verify accounts, the 1st deposit will be requested from this exchange. Depositing funds into trading accounts isn’t challenging, with the process being simplified and similar to online banking. Multiple payment options are enabled with this brand, including Credit Cards and eWallets. All options available include Neteller, Switch, Skrill, MasterCard, Discover Card, Visa, Direct Bank Transfers, JCB, and Diners. Selecting the eWallet Option will enable faster withdraws when removing funds from accounts. However, depositing standards aren’t altered by the selected payment service.

    Product Offering

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    Registrants with 24Options are categorized by the respective account they’ve selected. The account chosen by investors implements greater access to the services provided by 24Options. Associated costs with running the premium accounts are lesser than that of a standard account. Those interested in registering with 24Options have access to the Basic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP Accounts.

    Choosing the Basic Account allows newcomers to learn a single lesson on investing per month. Pip valuations and Currency Pairings are considerably higher when selecting this account as well. Option for either the Gold, Platinum or VIP Accounts allow for the available lessons to increase. The associated costs with Pairings and the Pip Valuations become lowered with these accounts as well. Selecting VIP will allow for five months of Webinars and five advanced lessons.

    Education assistants are minimal when comparing the available benefits that premium accounts obtain. Selecting the Gold, Platinum, or VIP Accounts will provide investors with Specialized Customer Support through Dedicated Account Managers. Additional benefits include a daily analysis of the market conditions. This will enable investors to better strategize on what stocks, spreads, commodities, or indices are best suited for their next contract.

    Trade Execution

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    Operating a financial exchange requires multiple technologies working in unison. This includes Low Latency Servers, which enable faster execution speeds. This technology has been adopted by all digital exchanges worldwide, as its environment conditions are suitable for online trading. Executing strategies with CFDs and all other financial products available with 24Options isn’t challenging thanks to Low Latency Servers.


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    Payment services associated with 24Options don’t exclusively account for the depositing process. Withdrawing is enabled through the banking options, with its requirements being slightly different than deposits. Clientele are required to provide documentation showing their identity before funds can be processed from trading accounts. Viable documents include a Passport or Drivers License. Bank statements showing proof of address are also required before withdraws are implemented.

    Because of this verification process implemented at 24Options, there are withdraw fees enacted onto clientele. Using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Neteller will require investors to pay 3.5% of the amount their withdrawing. Using Skrill lowers that percentage to 2%, with direct wire transfers costing the lowest amount at $30.00. However, the associated processing period grows exponentially with DWTs.

    Customer Support

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    24Options manages a compatible and reliable customer support service, allowing investors to obtain professional assistance whenever a question arises regarding the services implemented with this exchange. Accessibility for customer support included Live Chat and Email. Telephone assistance was previously applied but removed in the new decade. Clientele worldwide has access to these services, with fifteen languages supported. Those comprise of English, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, Swedish, German, Arabic, Turkish, Danish, and Spanish.

    Those needing immediate answers to basic questions can engage with the “FAQ – Help Centre”, which has twelve items listed with their corresponding answers. Additional information regarding the operations of 24Options is locatable in the following subpages: Legal, About Us, Terms of Use, and Affiliate Program.

    Trading Tools

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    24Options maintains a wide selection of trading tools for their customer base. This is managed through the MetaTrader4 Investing Platform, which offers hundreds of investment instruments. Supported with mobile and desktop capabilities, MetaTrader4 is used by millions worldwide through a magnitude of different exchanges. It should be noted that 24Options doesn’t employ the full selection of trading instruments supported with MT4. They instead prioritize their services towards Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Spreads, CFDs, Currency Pairings, and Stocks. Accounting for these instruments with the available daily analysis’s and updates on market conditions, you are compelled to invest with 24 Options.

    CFDs trading involves substantial risk and may result in the loss of your entire trading balance. CFDs are not appropriate for all retail traders.