About Whichbroker.com

Whichbroker.com was formed in 2018 with the aim of providing clear and precise information on financial brokerages. Whichbroker.com provides factual information for new and seasoned traders either looking for a broker to place their first trade, or their hundredth. Analysing brokers in multiple languages across devices and fee structures, whichbroker.com is able to inform its audience on which broker, asset class and cost model is best for their future trading.

The aim of whichbroker.com is to blend industry news and events with our own reviews on the performance of each broker. The outcome is to provide a balance in the review process with changes in the senior team or changes around regulation in a geography. Each fine, financial penalty or award is recorded against the broker and whichbroker also looks to provide information around illegetimate brokers offering a fraudulant product.

The site is whole owned and operated by quopy.com, based in Gibraltar.


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Meet the Team

Tom Arran : Co-Founder

Tom Arran : Co-Founder

Tom has over 10 years experience on crypto currencies, first mining bitcoin on an old university computer for 20 cents a coin to now day trading bitcoin in between helping to start whichbroker.com. Tom has previously held roles at a leading EU brokerage and provided insight and consultancy work for number of UK banks in Crypto.

Spencer Davis : Co-Founder

Spencer Davis : Co-Founder

Spencer is an experienced and specialised digital marketing consultant for the last 17 years working with blue chip companies in both the Financial and Gaming sector. Spencer has held senior roles include the design, development and execution of digital assets for the leading online platforms globally.