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Leverage 1
Instruments 2
Account Types Demo Account, Low Value or Micro Account, Standard Accounts,
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Commissions Variable Spreads
Founded 2007
Customer Support Multi Language Phone Support, Multi Language Live Chat, Multi Language Email Support,
Min Funding $300


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    Online brokerages work diligently towards the continued growth of their brand. Upgrades are made regularly to enhance financial services offered by these exchanges. One example of this is ZuluTrade, who 1st became operation in 2007. It was established by Kosta Ekeftheriou and Leon Yohai for dedicated clientele wanting heightened trading capabilities. Throughout the 1st eight years of their existence, multiple products were issued to registrants. Those included Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Forex.

    It wouldn’t be until 2015 that ZuluTrade would be permitted the EU Portfolio Management License. Approval for this exchange extended with the Hellenic Capital Market Commission in Greece. Daily regulation over the activities of ZuluTrade has been managed ever since. It should be mentioned that Leon & Kosta sold ZuluTrade to the Formax Group, a Chinese-Established firm. There have been minor concerns over the owners since the Trade War began in 2018, with these concerns being unjustified.

    Registrants with ZuluTrade will have accessibility to these financial services via Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Support for mobile handsets exceeds expectations, holding leverage valuations at 1:10. Signing with this brokerage will provide investors with two account options, including the Classic and Profit-Sharing Account. There are fees associated with maintaining these accounts. What’s given in return is an expansive repertoire of trading tools & platforms through the MetaTrader4 Program. Investing through MT4 becomes highlighted with unique products from ZuluTrade, such as the Simulator and ZuluGuard System. These attributes create an environment best suited for international investing, with this exchange holding 64 Partnerships with other operators in the digital trading market. The expansive nature of their network is unmatched by competing trading hubs.

    Licensing and Regulation

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    The governing entities behind ZuluTrade would be altered after being sold by to the Formax Group. Approved licensed with the EU Portfolio Management Commission, and Hellenic Capital Markets Commission remained active. However, expansion efforts for this brand began, and additional regulation was required. Formax inquired a license with the Kanto Financial Bureau, enabling ZuluTrade to become accessible in Japan. Similar measures were enforced when entering the market space in America. Formax received license approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which would inevitably impose a fine onto this finance group. CFTC found that ZuluTrade wasn’t complying with the OFAC Guidelines, which relates to the US Treasury Department. The response was a $150,000.00 fine enacted onto Formax. After prolonged court battles, the penalty was lowered by seventy thousand.

    Mobile Trading

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    Investment opportunities with ZuluTrade extend past desktops & laptops, allowing traders to obtain financial assets from their mobile handsets. This accessibility option wasn’t enabled by the Formax Group until 2015, with their initial launch limiting availability of certain products. In the last half-decade, this has changed, and the full selection of digital assets are permitted to mobile handsets. Consumers must hold a registered account through the Android or iOS Application to obtain these mobile services. Bypasses on installing their application is possible, with concerns over data being stolen growing prompting investors to select mobile browsers over the direct install. Select Apple Safari, or Google Chrome to obtain the influential products initiated at ZuluTrade. Choosing to install the application can be accomplished via the Apple Store or Google Marketplace.

    Brand & Functionality

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    An overhaul of ZuluTrade was initiated in 2014, which followed when ownership went to the Formax Group. They enhanced the functionality layout supported at this exchange, bringing it into the modern era. Interest amongst possible registrants increased tenfold after this redesign. The homepage became informal & provided visitors with detailed information regarding the services supported at ZuluTrade. Menu navigation became simplified, with five initial options provided. Traversing the financial assets and educational assistants became easier.

    Functionality support with ZuluTrade extends beyond the redesign & menu. It included their trading tools, customer support services, and help centre. Investors will locate Social Charts, Trade Walls, Forex Tools, Calendars, Automator, ZuluGuard System, and User Lists. This extends towards the ZuluTrade Daily Blog and Forum. Additional registrants provide insightful knowledge regarding the inner workings of this exchange through the forum. It’s this level of functionality that has permitted 25+ thousand investors to join worldwide.

    Registration Process

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    Services for ZuluTrade aren’t accessible until one of two account options are selected. Investors must initiate the registration process, which requests a series of questionnaires be filled. Details regarding your Home Address, Identified Sex, and Government Issued Name is required. These requests aren’t considered invasive until reaching the 2nd Step to Registration. Inquisitive questions on banking history are requested for registration applications to receive approval. After the desire payment method is selected, the 3rd Step to Registration begins. This requires Government Issued ID from clientele. This acts as a proof for all prior information handed over. These extensive registration assessments are implemented by ZuluTrade to avoid an influx of fraud reports. Under this premise, we recommend not providing falsified details. It could lead to potential fines or the involvement of law enforcement.

    Depositing Process

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    Assets aren’t inquired until registration application are verified, which initiates the “Depositing Process”. Considered the 2nd stage to complete an account, deposits are required to obtain access to these financial assets. Deposit requirements enlist with ZuluTrade are minor in comparison to other exchanges, with investors capable of depositing $1.00 to review the hundreds of assets supported. It’s recommended that new registrants deposit the valuation their comfortable with possibly losing under Risk Capital. Avoiding these losses after making the initial deposit is manageable by 1st locating the ZuluTrade Educational Assistants. Reliable lessons will ensure that first-time deposits become profitable, with ZuluTrade holding an annual return percentage of 92% for clientele.

    Depositing is initiated through three methods with ZuluTrade. The 1st is with the globes most influential eWallet, PayPal. There aren’t listed maximums supported with the PayPal option, meaning thousands can be deposited without delays. The 2nd option applies towards standard Credit Cards used in the European Union & the United States. Those include MasterCard and Visa. The final payment option supported by ZuluTrade for deposits is Direct Bank Transfers. It should be noted these payment methods support different timeframes for withdraws. Review those timeframes before selecting your desired method.

    Product Offering

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    Which assets an online exchange selects to support define their long-term operational status. ZuluTrade has chosen pivotal assets like Stocks, Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices. The cryptocurrencies provided to investors through ZuluTrade comprise of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Multiple Contracts-for-Differences are enabled concerning these cryptocurrencies. Investors can trade the BTC/USD, LTC/USD, BCH/USD, ETH/USD, and XRP/USD.

    Obtaining global commodities is another defining asset with ZuluTrade. Investors can establish contracts with Silver, Gold, Platinum, Cruise Oil, and Brent Oil providers. Binary Options previously heightened these investment assets. This product offering would inevitably be removed when ownership of ZuluTrade was transferred to the Formax Group. That doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple financial instruments that act as benefactors to investors. The Yearly Calendar and Zulu Calculator will enable better development of strategies.

    Inquiring the available assets is dependent on which account is selected, Classic or Profit Sharing. Selecting the 1st account option enabled higher spreads at a fixed monthly cost of $30.00, which extends towards an additional 25% performance fee. When choosing the Profit-Sharing Account, awarded benefits include a monthly trading limit of $100k. It should be mentioned that the products available with ZuluTrade aren’t provided conventionally. MetaTrader4 Accounts are also required before obtaining access to the ZuluTrade Product Offerings.

    The benefits associated with maintaining an unconventional exchange is increased analytics. Investors with ZuluTrade received enhanced statistics, risk assessments, and performance rankings. Obtaining relevant data through the portfolio management tools ensures that profits earned through ZuluTrade are prioritized.

    Trade Execution

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    The Formax Group massively redesigned ZuluTrade when they obtained ownership in 2016. This wasn’t exclusively a visual overhaul, with the enhancements extending towards Zulu’s coding. Low Latency Servers were established into the networked exchange of Zulu, allowing for fast executions on investments. Regular updates to the processing capabilities of these servers are maintained, enabling transactional speeds at 25 to 75 milliseconds. Transactions formally took five to ten seconds to initiate completion under the previous Latency Servers.


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    Extensive regulation defines ZuluTrade & their daily operations. Funds from profits contracts will inevitably be withdrawn from this exchange, which prompts the involvement of governing entities. Both the Kanto Financial Bureau and Commodity Futures Trading Commission require that all withdraws first be reviewed by their transaction security programs. Via these programs, it’s possible to reveal any tampering with the contract, which would prompt the withdrawal being declined. ZuluTrade avoids these declined payments by initiating extensive measures with their banking services. Investors must handover copies of their Government Issued ID, and an updated bank statement. After the information is correlated to the personal documents handed over, they’ll be deleted from the ZuluTrade Private Servers.

    Customer Support

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    ZuluTrade manages an exceptional support service, which employs 130 agents to assist clientele at any given time. Their language support with these agents includes German, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and English. The ZuluTrade Support Service supports multiple methods for contacting these agents. Those include Phone Support, Live Chat, and Email. Their respective country bases hotline numbers issued by ZuluTrade. There is a total of nine hotline numbers supported. Inquiries for these support agents can also be released through their email, with an average response time of 24 Hours. Those wanting an immediate solution are best suited to select Live Chat, which is always available year-round. It should be noted that ZuluTrade also has a Help Center to provide direct answers to multiple questions regarding their services.

    Trading Tools

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    ZuluTrade extends its investments opportunities beyond the expectations of registrants. The professional nature of their Financial Assets, Educational Assistants, MT4 Interactivity, and Support Service sustains an exceptional exchange. This becomes more evident when accounting for the various Trading Tools supported, which comprise of an Automator and Trade Wall. This extends towards Currency Convertors, Investment Combos, User Lists, and Social Charts. Accounting for all these attributes will entice traders towards the ZuluTrade Exchange.

    Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss.