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TON Details Revealed in Report

A ton, a Russian Research Agency, recently published a report on the Telegram Open Network report that indicates many details about the company’s cryptocurrency coin. This coin is slated to be released on the encrypted messaging service “Telegram”, which is the most popular messaging service for crypto and blockchain investors. Their new version of the messaging service will allow for internal payments, new wallet services, and it’ll host decentralized applications. All of these features will dramatically enhance how investors can interact with one another.

The TON Project Investors

Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov are the founders of . Before creating their open network, these two entrepreneurs created VK.com. This became the largest social network in Eastern Europe, beating out the likes of Facebook & Twitter. Today, these two brothers maintain Telegram Open Network. This brokerage firm has had the most significant coin offering in the cryptocurrency industry, with more than $1.7 Billion being raised in two private rounds of funding.

Telegram Open Network

The TON Project has gained a lot of popularity, with essential sources from Silicon Valley wanting to invest in the project. Those companies include KleinerPerkings, Sequoia Capital and Benchmark are just some of the few. Together, each of the several firms from Silicon Valley invested $20 Million into the TON Project. During the second round of funding, companies like Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz gave funding for the crypto venture.


The Telegram Open Network will be more sophisticated and scalable than Ethereum or Bitcoin. This will allow for TON to compete with financial transaction giants, MasterCard & Visa. Achieving this level of scalability isn’t easily accomplished, which is why Telegram is relying on sharding support, which will allow for the merging and splitting of blockchains to be streamlined at light speed rates with increased loads. This is officially called “Instant Hypercube Routing” by Telegram.

The cryptocurrency financial network maintained by Telegram is a blockchain system that consists of 250+ blockchains. What this means is that Miners or Valuators will verify transactions via the proof-of-stake mode and the financial state of the network.

Gram price valuation and estimate

Telegram’s Open Network maintains a cryptocurrency token named “Gram“. Roughly 5 Billion Gram tokens are being supplied to the blockchain exchange, with an average yearly inflation rate of 2%. What this means that in three decades, the total number of Gram Tokens that will be available worldwide will be ten billion. However, not all of these tokens are available for purchase and trade. Two hundred million of the gram tokens, for safety purposes, are locked to developers and an additional five hundred million tokens are applied to the exchanges ecosystem. This will constitute 4% of the ecosystems average supply intake.

Implied Indicative Value Calculation Value per GRAM

The Gram Token isn’t publicly traded at this moment. It’s hard to determine what the actual price of the Gram will be, with estimates from public sources like Aton claiming that the price on average will be $1.33. That is the beginning valuation for this token, with future estimates ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $8.00 a token.

Telegram hasn’t launched the Gram Token yet. Instead, the UK-Based Crypto Exchange is allowing for the Xena Exchange to offer Gram Futures that are non-deliverable. They will expire after Gram launches in February 2020. Currently, these Non-Deliverable Futures on the Gram Token are selling at $5.90 a token; with the average trade cost estimated around 2 dollars a Gram. Furthermore, starting on July 10th, the cryptocurrency exchange is known as liquid, will begin selling Gram Tokens.

The Telegram Components

According to the publicized report released by Aton, the Telegram open Network consists of the subsequent components:

  • TON Storage – This is a technology that stores arbitrary files, such as smart contracts. The feature is used anytime that a large amount of information must be processed for storage of the crypto exchange.
  • TON Proxy – The Proxy is used to protect the credentials and identity of clients. It creates online privacy through a decentralized virtual private network.
  • TON Services – The services available at the exchange which include smart contracts, decentralized browsing and Dapps.
  • TON DNS – The DNS maintained by Telegram will allow clients decentralized services access as quickly as they would the internet.
  • TON Payments – The payment services used by Telegram will support instant off-chain payments. This allows for safeguard transactions for all clients using their crypto exchange.
  • Ton Virtual Machine – This tech maintains the smart contracts on its network, processing each one of then immediately.

According to the Chief Competitive Officer at Telegram, the ecosystem they’ve built provides a significant advantage to investors that want to invest and trade. The Gram Token comes with a variety of services that enthusiasts will be able to use to enhance financial portfolios. Currently, the TON messenger Platform has accumulated 250 million users who are active. Furthermore, the company plans to build a new version of its operating system for Desktop and Mobile Clients. This new OS will come assembled with the Telegram Open Network Wallet, which is currently used by more than 53% of their clientele base.

Blockchain analysts believe that the TON Wallet will become the most adopted cryptocurrency wallet in the future. Already, Telegram is considering allowing for the portfolio to be compatible with other cryptocurrency wallets and online market places. This will ultimately allow for TON to build a crypto exchange for clients that have paid content, subscription services and physical goods. No longer would TON be a financial firm but they’d also be competing against retail brokerage firms.

Regulatory Uncertainty for Telegram

The Aton Report does make a note of the company’s uncertainty towards regulation, which is the main problem facing the Telegram open Network. Multiple jurisdictions worldwide haven’t officially regulated crypto tokens, with even some countries considering it illegal. This makes it hard for the company to predict precisely what’ll happen with the crypto market on a worldwide scale, which inevitably could affect their business as well. Regulators like the European Securities and Market Authority have already implemented product intervention measures that have made releasing the Gram Token & their new messaging service that much harder.
The report Reads officially reads: “Telegram and TON Issuer Inc, the wholly owned subsidiary that Telegram formed to act as the issuer in the token sale, may stop distributing GRAMs, discontinue the development of the TON Blockchain, or terminate operations in a jurisdiction should governmental or other actions make this distribution, development and/or operations unlawful or commercially undesirable.”

The one country that has already increased restrictions against Telegram is Iran. During October 2018, the Federal Government in Iran increased its limits on the TON Messaging App. They declared that anybody using this application when the Gram Token launches will be seen as a criminal of the state. That by using this token it breaches the nation’s security and imposes a threat on to the economy locally. Russia has also blocked the application from its citizens since 2019 in April. This is all because the founders of Telegram refuse to reveal the encryption keys of their software to the Iranian & Russian governments. This would pose a severe threat to anyone using the Telegram messaging service & the safety of their clients.

Telegram’s New Messaging Service to launch Q1 2020

Telegram Open Network has had to defeat some significant hurdles with the development of their new messaging service. Their new desktop and mobile application want meant to be released by fall 2018 originally. However, at that point, the new platform was only 70% completed. As of 2019, the beta version of the TON Messaging Service was released to multiple developers. It’s estimated that testing will take up to four months. Subsequently, this will result in the new messaging service not be releasing to the public until the third quarter of 2019.

Anybody wanting to get their hands on this new messaging service before it’s released to the public can go to test.ton.org and download an archive of files. Compiling these distributed files will allow for the preliminary version of “Ton Blockchain Network Lite” to operate on desktops. Remember, this is an over-simplified version of the end product.

The Telegram Open Network sent out a memo to all clients stating: “We have reaffirmed our belief that the TON virtual machine and the Byzantine consensus algorithm are capable of meeting the goals stated in the original white paper. We are planning to launch the platform in full force in Q3 2019. The exact date depends on how the testing goes.”

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