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Easy Markets used to be called Easy Forex, and has been around since 2001. They’re located in Limassol, Cyprus. Their experience provides confidence to the Forex, CFD, or cryptocurrencies trader, in an internet awash in trading scams. Their website has a simple layout so you can find what you need quickly. And for fans of the old brand, they’ll appreciate how Forex is still supported, plus many more markets and trading tools—as basically everything you need is in one place.

Today, there are 100,000 active traders on the site from around the globe, and Easy Markets has accumulated an impressive $1.5 trillion in their first twelve years. There are over 300 different markets that you can trade on.

Easy Markets doesn’t just offer Forex, cryptocurrencies, or CFDs today, they also offer many other indices and commodities. What sets them apart from other brokerage houses in the retail Forex market are forward Forex contracts, and vanilla options. You’ll have the choice of regular currency pairings, or exotic. You can combine CFDs and vanilla options. On any given day you’ll get to access 300+ different market instruments. There is plenty on this site to keep you busy!

This company has a high level of trust in the industry. They offer a simplistic way to begin, as well as high transparency. The site is regulated by different commissions in Cyprus and Australia.

This site uses its own proprietary trading platform. It has some great features you won’t see elsewhere. The system is simplified and non-distracting so you can get what you need to get done, without interruption.

You don’t have to use Easy Markets trading platform either. You can use the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is one of the most popular today. This is available for both your PC and your smart device.

This site is designed to interest both the beginning and the expert. There are plenty of learning tools to help you get to the next level. If you ever have any issues, the site does offer customer service at regular business hours. The site will send you notifications if you wish, and free trading signals.

Like many other trading services, they offer a free demo account so you can learn how things work on the site, or a live account with real trading. If you want to get stared with live trading, you’ll need to put down a $100 minimum deposit. This is a lot more affordable than many other trading services that require a substantial outlay.

Some of the trades are offered as risk-free, with a “deal cancellation”. This is a great way for beginners to get started. Of course they don’t offer high returns, but they do provide a safer way to trade.

Easy Markets offers a safe and secure way to trade in over 300 markets. There should be plenty here to teach the beginner, but still interest the expert. The site has been around for some time and has a high rate of success for over 100,000 traders.

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